‘Love isn’t a bed of roses’, yes I’ve copied and pasted Love in the space of ‘LIFE’. You made me realise how love feels, but we never discussed what if one of us left the other nasty bruise?
Ever felt like this?
Giving your all and never wanted a bit in return…Coz, Love doesnot follow the give and take policy.
I don’t know why you left me alone, maybe my love was less to cherish you. —They had to go so I could meet this one. That’s destiny at work”! Is it so? It’s all complicated.

I hv seen things changing, the bud waiting for the right time to bloom, the dew drops frosting at 0°. Change is constant, but my life. It seems so colourless like your lips kissing the ciggerate and in the next moment spreading a smoky hue. But I won’t complain of not touching mine.
I wont ever let you come back in my life again, even if I’m a mess without you.
I would like to remain undiscovered. Dont come back again leaving your present love-life aside.
Goodbye (:

To whom it may concern

Hello everyone,

In the era of Internet and highly sophisticated computer systems, where we intend to make our life a bit easy and time saving by using Internet like ordering food, buying stuffs online, getting into the inshorts of News—social media plays the most influential spot for everyone. Do we ever think how we are going to spend the 24 hours a day? Pre-planned like routine type or we go as like endless scrolling without improving our Health/Mental wellness! Aren’t we all into the darkest terrors of social media? We all get influenced by anything we merely see on social media posts. Can’t we stop hunching over our cell phones for hours? And instead do something productive, so that at the end of the day we can feel something good about us! Are we all addicted to this machine?

What actually happen to us when we keep our mobile phone aside? Is it just like the withdrawl symptom? We feel anxious and stressed, these are all because of elevated level of Dopamine and this is how we waste 12-15 hours of our daily life.

Any kind of addiction isn’t healthy and excessive use of social media isn’t certainly excluded from it. We keep scrolling even when we have nothing to do with it. Moreover, it also lowers our self-esteem by constantly comparing and competing ourself to others. We develope anxiety disorders, unpleasent emotional symptoms and eventually we are compelled to revert back quickly to our social media accounts. People are drowned in this constant stream of posting, retweeting, snaping, liking & disliking, and this in turn triggers our feeling of loneliness and inadequacy.

Can’t we just sit back, relax and think how can we really put our 24 hours into some productive output? Stop hunching over the phone, straigthen your spine, eventually you will feel better than yesterday when you had all these burden in you. Social media is full of triggers. Quitting social media must not be a trend to show yourself extra-enlighten among the crowds. Find some valid reason, self realisation is must. Toss aside your virtual world, be in the real present. Make your free-time filled with writing, meditation, or have conversation with your group, work on your hobbies.

But some may say what about its positive aspects. Yes, you create content, share with your higher audience, can have direct conversation with them. But we, the primates have to go a long way to transcend the limit of thinking, and our behaviour to into the other page of positive.

Thanks for reading, hope you may find this helpful.


Hello everyone,

This is my first blog. I’m excited and a bit confused too about what to write. Well the list is endless. I usually write when I feel alone or my self-esteem gets crumbled around me or I’ve nobody to share my thoughts with.

But there’s a thing that’s been hovering my mind since years. The thought I’m afraid to share with anyone, MY FEAR.

What is FEAR ? Isn’t it’s one basic human emotions just like happy/sad?Fear is programmed in the nervous system and works instinct. Adrenalin, a hormone secreted by Adrenal Glands situated on top of kidneys, is basically the hormone called Fight/Flight. It makes heart to beat faster, increases blood flow to brain and muscle and stimulates our body. This is what exactly the body is preparing itself for defence mechanism. The things we are afraid of, differs from person to person. Intense fear reaction leads to Phobia, and makes us phobic to a certain thing or situation.

People fear things that make them feel unsafe or disturbed. And I’m afraid of everything. I’m afraid of people, their cunning thoughts. I can hardly trust someone now. I always hide my true self from everyone. I can’t open up. I don’t know what’s haunting me. I know maybe what I’m thinking now doesnot even matter in the cosmic time scale. The things we are afraid of now aren’t actually the things to be afraid of. But nothing to do, the thing that’s been set in our brain won’t let us free till death. It keeps painting some unknown thoughts 24*7.

I’m afraid of those darkest nights, sitting alone with earphones plugged in, listening to some loud music and ignoring the chaos of the world. Quivering, engrossed and lost in thoughts , a lost soul in the dark, can’t find its way to light. Looking back in the past makes me feel like everything is interconnected. The feeling I’m going through is nothing but the concequence of wrong choices. Nothing makes sense to me right now, everything is vain.

But the world is too small. Things you ignore eventually end up finding you. But I don’t want to deal with some unnecessary things again. I never wanted to be found. I don’t want to be found.

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